At Carlagan Academy and Foundation we believe that an education based on a solid foundation of knowledge and skill will truly be of use to the individual. Our motto `Knowledge Matters’ emphasizes two aspects :-
1.Firstly the importance of Knowledge and
2.Secondly how equally important it is that this Knowledge is transferred(along with skills) to make it useful to the learner.
The people involved are highly qualified with years of teaching experience and others with high academic qualifications and industry experience and self made professionals and entrepreneurs.



1.To impart Knowledge & Skills Globally Relevant in a changing and competitive world.
2.To Educate youth with emphasis on a Solid Foundation of Knowledge and Character.
3.To create a culture of Excellence in Formal Education , Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Development.



1.To set up a Network of own and Associate Centres/Educational Institutions across the Globe.
2.To train and motivate committed Educators in standardized, innovative and interactive methods for imparting knowledge and skills.
3.To provide learners across all ages a meaningful and worthy learning experience which will aid/prepare them for facing life’s challenges/opportunities.


Our Teachers

Our teachers are committed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge to the learner and not just an ‘exam oriented approach’. In our team are teachers with years of experience of teaching in schools and colleges as well as teaching/Training in the industrial sector.


Our Honorary Advisory Team

Among our advisors are Eminent Educationalists, Management Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Doctors and people from other walks in life. This helps in us keeping abreast of what is required for industry/the outside world in the design of course content,in the teaching methods etc.



Teachers by their enthusiasm will ensure that students are kept motivated and encouraged to give out their best.Audio-visual aids and interactive methods will be used to enable learning in an easy and relaxed atmosphere.Individualized attention will be provided.