June 11, 2022

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to the use of the website(www.carlaganacademy.com) and the services provided Online and Offline at different locations by Carlagan Academy & Foundation. Carlagan Academy & Foundation is also referred to as `Academy’.

`The learner/Student means `you’, `learner’, student,` user’ and can be any individual(above 18 years ) or organization using the website and/or the services of Academy or of any 3rd party arrangement which Academy has, be it Online or otherwise. It can also imply a  parent/ legal guardian of any learner/student/user below 18 years of age who is allowing his minor child/ ward to use the same.

The terms Teacher/Trainer/Instructor/ would mean any individual or any organization nominated/appointed by the Academy interacting with the Learner directly or indirectly for providing any Educational related services including Consultancy, Tests, Conducting  & Coordination of Events among others.

By using the website of and/or Services of Academy you agree and confirm that you have read, understood the Terms and Conditions and are bound by them.


Admission for Courses/Classes/Tests  online and/or  in Physical mode  is at the sole discretion of the Academy


Student/Learner Details: All learners/students should give correct details. For a Student/Learner/User below 18 years of age, a parent/ guardian shall take full responsibility to adhere to the terms of the Academy. (attendance, usage,discipline, payment etc.,)   and should fill in the Application on behalf of his child/ward. In the case of a Guardian, proof of Guardianship shall be furnished. A Student/Learner/User will not be allowed to continue if after admission it is found that any of the details given are incorrect. In such cases, no refund or adjustment, or transfer to any other learner/course will be allowed.

Information is obtained about  Student/Learner/user in any manner when the Student/Learner/User uses the websites of Academy and of 3rd Parties associated with Academy or given by Student/Learner/User when asked for or when Student/Learner/User fills in an application form or makes payment or otherwise.

Academy may use the personal information provided by Student/Learner/User for communication regarding  Student/Learner/User’s present course/class/event/service in progress or for any other future or proposed services or offers by  Academy and by reading and agreeing to the terms of this privacy policy it is deemed that we have explicit permission to do so.

It is advisable that the student reads and understands the  privacy policies of any 3rd party and also  of  Payment  Processors (banks/Payment Gateways) associated with  Academy

Academy confirms that information provided by you shall be protected and the same will be disclosed only as per statute.

Academy reserves the right to make additions/modifications/alterations to this privacy policy and other terms at any time and will take effect from the time of being posted on the Academy’s website.

Cookies may be used to facilitate the use of the Academy’s website and those of other 3rd parties associated with the Academy .

The Student/Learner/User hereby permits Academy to send messages, information, and promotional material to him /her by calling over the phone and by SMS, WhatsApp, email, and other modes of accepted accommodation.

3)Mode of Classes/Courses/Events.

Academy confirms that all courses shall generally be ONLINE in Synchronous(real-time) and/or Asynchronous mode except where the Physical Mode is expressly agreed upon.

4)Payment of Fees.

Payment of fees should be as instructed.

All payment will be subject to filling out the Application Form and final Admission only.

5)Refund Policy.

There will be no refund of any fee paid and no change/transfer in learner/student/user or course or terms will be allowed in lieu of a refund.

There will be a refund (and that too for hours not completed) only if the Teacher/Trainer is unable to complete the scheduled hours and if a Replacement Teacher/Trainer cannot be appointed.

If a proposed Course for which a fee has been collected is not commenced within a reasonable time after the scheduled date then the fee collected will be refunded. Sometimes an alternative schedule can be suggested by Academy and accepted by the Student in which case there will be no refund.

Any double payment received erroneously brought to the notice of Academy by the user will be refunded within a period of 1 month or kept in credit to be adjusted in the future.

A Student’s lack of application/sincerity in learning or disturbing the other learners would be a valid reason for him/her from being allowed to continue.

In case of discontinuation of Classes by the Academy for reasons other than the above the proportionate fee already paid   will be adjusted for classes held up to the time of discontinuation and the balance refunded to the user/student

6)Interruptions & Discontinuation.

In the event that the Online/Web-based and other services of Academy or of  3rd Parties associated with Academy are not available for any planned maintenance or any other breakdown/problem/security and/or other issues including sickness, termination of or non-availability of Teacher/Trainer/Instructor it is agreed that such interruption or discontinuation will not be held against Academy in any manner whatsoever.

Academy reserves its rights to discontinue some features and/or services at any time without disclosing any reason and Academy or 3rd parties associated with Academy shall not be held liable for such discontinuation.

Academy will not be responsible  or held liable for any failure or impairment to  services due to factors beyond the  reasonable control of the Academy like natural disasters, sabotage, etc., including  power and internet failures or any other conditions of force majeure

7) Teacher/Trainer/Instructor.

Classes may be assigned to any Teacher /Trainer nominated by Academy and if necessitated to other Teachers/Trainers to maintain continuity.

All interactions of the Student/Learner/User with the Teacher/Trainer/Instructor should be Professional and any deviation should be brought to the notice of the Academy. Academy reserves the right to proceed against such and other complaints of deviation.

8)Content on Website and notes, live lessons.

Maintaining notebooks and taking notes as instructed is advised. Any notes, study material, links to videos, and access to the website with individual logins given by  Academy should be used solely by the concerned Student/Learner/User and shall not be circulated.


The content on Academy’s website and during live classes and content accessed through links provided by Academy have not been reviewed or edited for confirmation of legality. Academy also does not guarantee that the content is accurate, reliable, and valid and the user accesses the content at his/her own risk. Academy is not responsible or liable if any content is found objectionable, harmful, offensive, or indecent. Academy is also not liable for any loss, harm, bodily injury, claim, damage, etc arising out of using/following the Content available on the website and live classes before, during, or after accessing Content.


Excepting Correction of work given in Class any other help in homework or Correction of School/College work/assignments will be done during Class if it’s on a 1 to1 basis or by a separate session(minimum Half/hour and payment will be on pro-rata basis of hourly rate) if on 1 on 1 basis or if it’s a Group Class.

11)Absence & Late coming.

Classes are scheduled in advance. If a Student/Learner/User misses a class or is late to class then the Student/ Learner/User will have to catch up by himself with lessons/grammar missed. Academy may offer a  Special Class for a fee. No Refund/adjustment of fee for missed classes will be allowed.

If it’s on a 1-to-1 basis then notice of absence should be done at least 24 hours in advance and this can be done only once in 10 hours and such absence will not be taken into account. A replacement class for such absence will be scheduled as per days/times already fixed or as per concerned  Teacher/Trainers availability or as per the availability of a Replacement Teacher.

For an Online Class If a Student is late up to 15 minutes or more for a 1 to 1 Class of 1 or more hours then the class will end as originally scheduled. After 15 minutes the Teacher can log off and treat the Class as canceled without notice to the Student. Such Cancelled Classes will be taken into account and charged for as a regular class.

12) Recording.

Recording of classes by the Student/Learner/User and any other ONLINE or LIVE Sessions is not permissible. Academy may however for Training Purposes and for records or for Promotional Purposes record live classes in audio and/or video/image/document formats. Screenshots or photos can be taken only with the permission of the Academy.

13)Login ids and passwords.

Any login/user id and password is given to Student/Learner/User is for the   Student/Learner/User’s exclusive use only for accessing content and should be kept confidential. The sharing of id and password by a Student/Learner/User with another person or organization is not permitted and may lead to termination of services being provided to the Student/Learner/User without any refund or recourse to any claim and without notice.

Academy expects the Student/Learner/User to bring to notice to Academy of any suspected unauthorized use of the login/user ids and password provided to the  Student/Learner/User   . Academy will not be held liable for any claims that may arise out of misuse of the user id/password due to Student/Learner/User’s failure to keep the same confidential and secure.


If the user acts in any manner detrimental to Academy or commits acts that cause legal action against Academy the Student/Learner/User agrees to indemnify and defend Academy(and all associated with Academy providing services)  against any 3rd party claims, demands, losses, expenses including attorney fees caused by such acts. Such obligation to indemnify Academy will continue even after the termination of the agreement between Academy and  Student/Learner/User.

15) Reservation of Rights:

Discontinuation: Academy reserves the right to discontinue classes at any time for any individual Student/Learner/User or for any Group of Students/Learners/Users in which case proportionate fee (already paid )  will be adjusted for classes held up to the time of discontinuation and balance will be refunded.


Classes may be rescheduled /postponed (extended to the same time /day schedules)by Academy in necessitated circumstances and will in such cases be communicated to the concerned students/learners/users with a 24-hour notice.

16) Website: Web-Based Courses/Content/Live Classes:-Use By Date

The web-based Courses on either Self Study or Hybrid mode (self-study + Live online) or Live Online Classes or Tests or other Content will be based on a `Use By Date’ framework. The courses/Live Classes will commence from the date/time indicated in below `USE BY DATE TABLE’ and these along with Tests/Other Content will have to be completed within the time frames indicated. Any extension of the `Use by Date will be allowed on a case-by-case basis at rates decided by  Academy.

Even for live Online Classes on an hourly basis or for a full course the use by date clause will be applicable. Any `Use by Date’ condition as expressly mentioned will be applicable.

Any extension /change in use by date should be communicated by Academy by email.

U S E      BY        D A T E      T A B L E
Type of Class/ Course/ Service/ From DATE/time To DATE/time
Online Tuition Classes 10 hours Start date Max 6 weeks from start date
Online Course Start Date End of course as indicated at start
Website Courses/Tests/ Use of website From payment date As specified Course /Test wise
Special Doubt Clearing/ Events/Workshops/Consultancy As per Schedules/Terms agreed upon

17) Third-Party Web-Based Content/Courses/Tests

It is agreed between Academy and the Student/Learner/User that  in the case of any third-party content/Courses/Tests hosted or linked with  Academy  the terms  and conditions of that third party  will apply


All disputes will be settled preferably amicably in the best interests of the Academy and the Students/Learners/Users by mutual discussion and if not so settled the Courts in Chennai will have the jurisdiction.